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No Pressure, Large Blast Radius

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Whilst I am extremely tempted to stick a picture alongside this, I think I’ll resist that temptation since the only truly fitting one would be a gory screenshot from the video this is about. So, for starters, here is a link to the video itself; a video conceived by the 10:10 organisation who wants everyone to cut their carbon emissions by 10%.

According to the 10:10 guys, this was supposed to be something people would find “extremely funny”, I think more appropriate words to describe it would be “grim”, “macabre” and “gratuitious” – I was also rather surprised to hear that this was apparently the brainchild of Richard Curtis and I can only assume he never made the connection that this video wasn’t about simply amusing gore, it was a personal attack on people with a similar mindset to those in the video.

To call the video counter-productive would be an understatement; clearly the purpose of the video was to garner wider and more active support for the 10:10 initiative, which, if analysed logically would mean you should aim to create a video that convinces the skeptic/apathetic/fence sitter into doing something; hence those who do find this video funny are quite probably already converted – which makes the video great if your aim was to rally the militant party faithful into a “YEAAAAH, FUCKING KILL THE BASTARDS” sort of way… however, I somehow doubt that’s what the money that funded this shite was aiming for. Which also brings me to conclude that the finished article was quite probably not shown to anyone on the fence or unsupportive of climate change prior to its public release.

So what do we have instead? A video that has completely alienated the people it was supposed to convert or win over and worse still, damaged the image of those campaigning for action on climate change by painting them as violent Eco-fascists. Additionally it helps spread the belief that climate change is based on scaremongering, which in truth, some of it is, although that certainly only applies to certain individuals, many of whom are simply in it for the money – many people have accused Al Gore of this one, and incidentally, many have also had their asses sued by Al Gore for doing so – not exactly a brilliant PR move is it?

As far as climate change goes; I heartily recommend everyone to do “green” things that save them money… use energy efficient light bulbs, turn crap off when you’re not using it… but as for paying a tenner to some company to plant a tree for you? frankly? fuck that shit. It’s really not difficult to acquire some seeds and do the job yourself; handing over a bit of cash to absolve you of your Eco-guilt is, to my mind, no different than the money a person would pay to the Catholic Church for the granting of an “indulgence”. Of course, I’m not saying that doing so is evil or wrong, but if you can get up off your arse and DIY, do so.

The issue of climate change is somewhat similar to Atheists vs Theists, and the main argument for those denying it is that either humanity isn’t the cause or we’re not the cause and even if we are contributing, there’s bugger all we can do to stop it… I’d say err on the side of caution and at least give it a go and see if we can bring the existing levels down.

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