Monday, September 20th, 2010...11:35 pm

Is this blog dead or what?

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It’s not dead, it’s just resting!

No it’s not, this blog is dead, it is an ex-blog.

Looks perfectly fine to me.

OK, Monty Python jokes aside, the blog has basically been um… “resting” for a year… however, in good old human whimsical nature, I’ve decided to get up off my arse and start tending to it once again, although in all truth I suppose I should point out that the reason it “went into hibernation” in the first place was due to a wide and varied assortment of shite that managed to throw itself in my path over the past year, which, whilst certainly serving to make life interesting, also tends to make it rather irritating at times too.

So once again, I will hopefully be offering up my regular batch of both HTC related commentary and the odd dashing of economic commentary when the mood so takes me. Additionally I’ll hopefully be providing some interesting and amusing (and depressing) metrics on the levels of stupidity humanity can sometimes sink to… With any luck I’ll have something compiled shortly to whet your whistle.


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