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Windows Mobile 6.5 on HTC

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WM6.5 Start Menu

Yeah Yeah, I know, it’s not exactly *the best* image of WM6.5, but it’ll have to do – besides, you’re supposed to be here so you can read my spleen venting, not look at pictures I managed to find on Google.

So, without further ado… where to start…

Ok, first thing is the greatly improved start menu – it’s now a scrollable/flickable menu which does work rather well, although the edition I used doesn’t have those hexagons visible and also seems to lag horribly whenever I’m on a Skype call (which I suppose is understandable) though it’s a bit of a pain in the arse because I wrote a program that turns off the screen and sticks the device in low-power mode (wonderful for the battery) and it means you can talk for hours with the WiFi burning away.

Still, I should acknowledge that the ROM I’m playing on is a test one, so perhaps the final thing should be much better… and speaking of which, it should be out this month (in an earlier post I said WM7, I should really correct that to WM6.5)

Internet Explorer is vastly improved (though there’s some pretty gay GUI fuckups that need to get sorted) and the Javascript engine in it is very good, as is its rendering capabilities, definitely outdoing Opera in some respects. Although the one thing I think we should see is some sort of new game for it – the current ones are pretty old now, and I reckon something small and fun wouldn’t be a bad idea to chuck into the OS, for those times when you’re bored/travelling/using the toilet.

Manila definitely complements it quite well as the default Today screen is alright, but still a bit wanky and definitely not up to par with Manila at all – especially when you’re talking about the new Manila versions.

Right, that’s all I’ve got to say for now, Shove it.

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  • I know, i am going to get crucified BUT


    I have a Question in regards to the HTC 8900 Tilt by AT&T.
    Can you unlock this unit to make it work on the BOOST network ?

    Don’t be upset, i know, i didn’t see it.
    Otherwise I have to sell it, do you happen to know someone ?
    It is to this date a GREAT Phone and has no signs of usage whatsoever, i had to split from AT&T.
    Thank you so much

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