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HTC Touch Pro 2 Unlocker

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touch-pro2You know what, I really should find new and more engrossing things to talk about, I promise I’ll try… later – first my usual gumf to unlock touch pro 2

But for now, available at is our Touch Pro 2 Unlocker with the usual features of SIM, CID and the ubiqitous Security Unlocking capabilities – and of course Hard-SPL into the bargain, which is naturally just what you want if you also intend to debrand your device (because let’s be honest, most providers ROMs are utter shite)

Those of you who have the rather sexy “worldphone” edition of the Rhodium (this is the one that’s both CDMA and GSM) – unlocking this one is currently a W.I.P. but I have to say, the whole concept of a PDA worldphone is very sexy to me, but I have the “mere” GSM one, which is still great looking, probably just as well I don’t tend to travel to exotic places (or the middle east) that much.

Either way, this is much less of a brick than the HTC Touch Pro / Fuze was… instead, you get the compromise of a keyboard adding a bit of bulk, combined with the lovely screen size and res sported by the HTC Touch HD.

<img class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-114″ title=”touch-pro21″ src=”×300.jpg” alt=”touch-pro21″ width=”170″ height=”300″ />

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    I would tell you that it’s great that people like you engage in these breakouts, but with respect to the payment is very well to be charged but if the computer is turned on and was not changed by warranty as one makes the change should also be a way release can take place in the team that was changed


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