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HTC Kovsky Unlocker

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Well, in all honesty I quite frankly doubt anybody really refers to it as the HTC Kovsky (*cough cough* Ericsson Xperia X1), but that’s the codename, so that’s the one I use – though of course, Sony do deserve a hand for the fancy little applications they threw in; like the fish that you can scare the shit out of or er… play with.

I have to admit that it’s very difficult choosing between the Raphael and the Kovsky in terms of picking a favourite – though incidentally, they are pretty much the same device, right down to the hardware initialisation, one could draw a parallel to the Cheetah (Treo 750) similarity to the Hermes – though they didn’t have the same screen.

Anyway, onto the real stuff: the Kovsky Unlocker is available at with all the usual trimmings of Security, CID and SIM unlocking available – so you can lob a Blackstone radio on it if you really want to, or just get a warm fuzzy feeling from the cool banner that shows during boot-up.

Finally, as a somewhat interesting bit of trivia – the Prototype Kovsky has an extra button on it (and half the RAM sadly) but additionally, when it boots up or you stick it in bootloader, the screen is upside down until WM starts booting, if anyone knows why, answers on a postcard ;)

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