Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009...8:26 am

Blackstone, Topaz, Rhodium et al.

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touch-pro21Look at that, you want it.

Admit it, you fucking want it… I fucking want it; I want to have its fucking bab… OK too far.

Either way, it’s a bloody nice device and one which I really hope I’ll be able to get hold of soon and have a good play with – gotta love that chrome eh?

Anyhoo, in other news… Blackstone unlocker is released finally, available at http://blackstone.htc-unlocks.com and what’s more, we’re gearing up for the Topaz which should be released today in fact – just as soon as you whiney bitches on IRC get your Hard-SPL… then we just need to get the Rhodium sorted out.

For some reason I do feel compelled to write enough content to extend past the image on the left, which I’ve probably already achieved if I bear in mind the column width on the front page – but I’m typing this in from the editor which is longer, so I suppose I should think of something interesting or important to say… ooh, I know – hopefully, we should be getting WM7 in September and it *should* be available for Topaz and Rhodium, though this on the assumption the release doesn’t get set back due to delay (or brought forward due to a leak)

I do also have this niggling feeling that the WM7 SPLs are going to be totally different from the WM6 line and quite possibly won’t be too happy if you try and flash a WM6 OS back on without downgrading the SPL as well, but we shall see.

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