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Speaker “Wants what’s owed to me”

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westminster-b1The Commons Speaker, Michael Martin has announced that, contrary to the many public calls for reform of the MP’s expenses troughing system, everything is just peachy and he wants what’s owed to him… well, quite fucking frankly, if you entered the Commons with that sort of mindset, you shouldn’t have taken up the fucking job.

This does very much remind me of Special Constables (fancy speak for “unpaid Nazis Police”) – generally speaking; whilst there are of course lovely people who volunteer their time to be Special Constables, there are additionally little Nazi fuckers who apply for the job because they don’t cut it as a paid copper but they desperately want the powers of arrest and other such maniacal abilities that they were previously unable to obtain (and so ended up getting a job as a parking attendant or traffic warden – or both)

The Commons is an entirely different breed of course; the entire aim of the game is to maximise the degree to which they can take the utter piss out of the entire electorate – helped mainly by the fact they get to set the rules.

Now, I must admit that paying a shit wage to MPs is not something I’m in favour of – not at all; if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys… Yet, if one looks at the NHS then we see that people are expected to pay a flat fee for their medication, regardless of whether it’s cough syrup or a cocktail of AIDS pills and so similarly, the fuckers should get a flat yearly salary and a rail warrant booklet (which they can only use if they’re travelling to or from Parliament) – a yearly wage of £60-70k should do the job… to be perfectly frank, suitability as an MP is a balancing act, you should be doing it because you want to, not because you can make a mint… though you shouldn’t make minimum wage from it either, it’s certainly a fair balancing act to offer around £70k a year… it’s enough to attract people who will sign on for the right reasons rather than for the wrong reasons (i.e. if you liken this to the police nazis doing it for power, similarly we have MPs doing it for the cash)

Either way, Labour’s fucked, so it’s only a matter of waiting for the election.

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