Saturday, November 29th, 2008...6:10 am

Some little shit copied my name.

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Not that anybody gives (or should give) a shit, but some little French bastard has copied my name and is now blogging “en Francais” over here – I should probably mention that the extremely politically incorrect picture is most probably *not* the little fucker, but I felt something semi-relevant was necessary, even if it’s offensive and puerile to the extreme.

anyway, I’ve also got some exciting news coming up on the HTC Pilot… and guess what… it’s not a PDA… well, not in the canonical sense anyway.

I’m aiming to pace myself with this blog so I don’t end up burning out and posting nothing for a few weeks, so in the meanwhile, toodles!


  • Haha, crazy Francais. Stupid litle gamer kid, what to do with them… Only *стап* for them :D
    ps: *стап* on macedonian means stick

  • You should re-direct all of the “I want a free unlocker” mail to the other Olipro, I’m sure he’ll change his name soon. :D


  • I always wanted an online doopelganger to blame my evil work on. :) I thought the picture fit by the way.

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