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HTC Melbourne, HTC Converse

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Time to cut off your fingers, America, the Census in 2010 is going to be carried out by sending out about 500,000 eNazis armed with these PDAs (google for HTC Census if you want a picture of the actual device) and scanning in your data and fingerprints. HTC must have been squealing with joy when the order for these little fuckers came in… 500k in PDAs, and it’s not $1 per PDA now is it?

It runs Windows Mobile 5, but since they remain government property, probably best not to tell anybody you nicked one if you do.

And now onto the HTC Converse… this is basically the T-Mobile Shadow II, there’s pictures leaked on the net so I won’t bore you with them, however, what I will do is give you lovely folks some specs:

It Runs WM 6.1 but sadly it’s just quad-band GSM, so no 3G, also contains a rather pathetic TI Neptune running at a not-so-blistering 260Mhz, though she does have 256Mb of ROM, which isn’t so shit, along with the usual WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0 capabilities.

If you want my opinion, this is a poor-man’s HTC Nike.


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