Thursday, November 27th, 2008...1:33 am

Touch HD, Hard-SPL

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Well bugger me it HAS been a while, to be perfectly honest I’ve been so busy I’ve not had the time (or decent memory) to write a blog post.

Anyway, thought I’d nip one in before the end of the month so this blog thingy doesn’t look like a total sham.

So, the HD is out, it looks quite sexy but personally I’m biased towards stuff with a keyboard, so the “HD Pro” (HTC Rhodium as I prefer to call it) will be a boon, if indeed it sees the light of day any time soon.

Meanwhile HTC are working on the Panther, which is in fact a Palm device, but you’ll know it when you see it no doubt, as well as a box for your car that will run Windows Mobile Automotive edition… sounds exciting, I’m sure GM will be popping it in their ailing line of vehicles to try and tempt people away from cheap Japanese stuff.

So, Hard-SPL…

As you’re probably aware, since the Diamond, HTC decided to get shitty and MPU the area the SPL executes from; this was real fun for the SPL coders as they now had to totally move the data section because any attempts to write to the RAM area from the ARM11 would silently do nothing and naturally, when data you’re expecting to be there isn’t, you usually crash… so anyway, the way around that was simply to relocate the entire SPL to an unused area of RAM… mainly a trial and error job, but not too bad since the virtual address it was originally located at wasn’t really anything significant.

Now we move onto the HD… The same sort of bollocks is going on again, but this time, they’ve managed to find a way to make it sodomize itself during boot. Naturally, it’s a pretty puerile measure and nothing new, just a case of driving the car through a swamp instead of a marsh… or in layman’s terms “it’s going to take a wee longer”


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