Sunday, September 7th, 2008...9:47 pm

Google Chrome

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Google Chrome LogoYes, OK Google, well done, you made a browser.

Actually it’s quite nice, plus the logo is actually pretty sexy I must admit, but there’s something lacking… something falling a bit short of the mark on this and I know exactly what it is.


Yep, Plugins are those things that Firefox pulls off so brilliantly; I use several plugins ranging from FireFTP through to Chris Pederick’s rather cool “developer toolbar” – not to mention stuff that lets me fuck around with my cookies and block adverts using a regularly updated database (see Filterset.G), and yet, for all that, I must say that Chrome is pretty bloody good with RAM; it runs each tab as its own physical process so there’s no problems with garbage collection, which I think is a great concept and generally speaking, it’s quite good at managing memory.

But… the one thing stopping me from switching to it, is the lack of plugins – if they were to create a plugin API I’d be happier… if they took it a step further and actually made it possible to port Firefox plugins directly into Chrome, that’d be even sexier, and I’d dump Firefox pretty bloody sharpish after that.

I’m sure they’ll get around to having Plugins a few iterations from now, but it’s definitely the crux of garnering conversions for me at least.

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