Monday, August 11th, 2008...11:12 pm

PayPal Rip-off Card

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Does anyone genuinely have tits THAT pointy… have you ever seen the iPod advert people with tits like that? no, neither have I, it looks like she’s wearing some fucking valkyrie outfit on her upper torso, only disguised because some artist did a schmucky blue over her.

And that’s not all, someone should tell the stupid bitch she’s about to cost herself £2.

Of course I’m talking about the new PayPal Top-Up card; the card that you pay £4.95 for and then pay for the pleasure of loading money onto (except from your PayPal account of course)… now, why anyone would get this is beyond me, because no matter how bollocks you happen to be with money, for the same form filling, you can get a free bank account with a shiny Visa card with no credit facilities, and a number allowing you to drag whatever boodle you’ve managed to accumulate straight out of PayPal.

Of course, one can see this is quite evidently a ploy for PayPal to use to not only try and make a bit of dosh out of hapless shitcakes who think getting a card that purports to help them control their spending is a smart thing to do, meanwhile good old PayPal hang onto yet more funds, collecting the lovely interest on a daily basis… christ, and I thought Bacs was shit.

I have the general feeling uptake for this crap is probably rather modest anyway, but what do they expect if they’re going to try and woo us with shoddily rendered pointy tits on a silhouette with lordosis?


  • There is an advantage to this card!
    When you fund it from your paypal acount the money is available the next day which is about a week sooner than transfering money from paypal to your bank account. There is also no minimum transfer amount (£50 minimum to transfer to bank account otherwise you’re charged a fee).
    The £4.95 charge is a bit much but it is a one off (well until your card expires after 2 years!).

  • that’s true, but… why not use your bank card for everything; that doesn’t incur cash withdrawal fees either.

    not to mention that whilst, yes, you get access to the money sooner, it’s not earning any interest while it’s credited to the card either.

    Also, to get around the £50 fee issue… simply add funds to your PayPal account to make it up to £50, then withdraw the lot fee-free.

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