Sunday, August 3rd, 2008...5:35 pm

Garden Chairs classify as furniture now?!?

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Yes, I’m referring to this veritable piece of crap… as I speak I’m sat… OK, sat isn’t really the correct word, it’s more like “perched” – yeah, that’s it, I’m perched on a plastic chair after sitting down on it and enjoying the experience of one of the fucking legs breaking off.

Now, contrary to what you may be telling yourself, I’m actually at the lighter end of the biped-beings scale in fact, at 6 foot, my BMI regards me as being rather underweight.

Anyway, since I have no other actual proper chair at the moment, the leg is firmly wedged into the smashed space it broke off of, and I have to occasionally readjust, lest it expose me to more toppling.

I will eventually get a proper chair… probably tomorrow since the shops are open then, but still… when I moved into this place, I’d have hoped for something a little more substantial.

Maybe I should do the American Thing and just sue the people who put the thing in this place… then again, lethargy precludes me from bothering about that either.

I realise this is probably the most inane piece of bullshit you’ve ever read, so I did my best to make it interesting, but really, I’m lacking in anything ground-breaking to write at the moment, so enjoy uborkaszezon.

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