Wednesday, July 16th, 2008...9:36 am

Google Checkout – the art of paranoia

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Well, I’ve nothing against Google… but jesus christ, try delving into their Checkout API and you’re going to cack yourself; for a start, they require you to do submissions to their server securely… HTML is possible but of course, XML preferred.

Then, if you should decide you want notifications to be made as a callback, you have to have a server with a recognised SSL certificate.

The other thing then is that when punters place an order, it doesn’t actually get debited from them till you OK it, which in some respects is good, except you end up writing a load of stuff just so you have an automated system to deal with incoming orders (or their charging anyway) but unfortunately, you then spend a bloody AGE debugging it because some XML is malformed or you forgot to use the sandbox URL or the database query went wrong or the Google server thinks your server has Bad AIDS.

Actually though, once it is set up it does work quite well so that’s a bonus, but the initial faffing, especially having to get a certificate issued off is big ole pain in the arse.

Still, there we go, never mind.

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