Monday, July 14th, 2008...5:20 am

Perl – the swiss army knife

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…that takes bloody ages to get open.

Now, I’m sorry to be ranting about Perl, but I absolutely despise it; it’s that type of language that you have to install a bajillion things in order to run someone’s script, and invariably, all their script is doing is some menial rubbish that lets you manipulate a file or whatever.

Then you download it, and you find you’re missing some packages, so you then load up the ActivePerl package manager to see what you can find, and it’s not there, so you spend ages Googling for the right package which is some obscure crypto library that you then find you can’t use because it has 5 other dependencies that you’ve got to acquire first.

Don’t get me wrong, I like swiss army knife languages, I just don’t like perl, because it’s so utterly horrible… and if you say to yourself “OK, this is crap, let’s port it” then god help you; the language is absolutely vile, it’s the bastard child of PHP, C and food poisoning, so if you want to port it, you need to continually find out what is doing what.

So please, please, if you’re writing something that’s going to take a few minutes to write, do it in something similarly fast that doesn’t require everyone to fart around to get it working; C#, hell, even Java will suffice.

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