Monday, July 14th, 2008...6:13 am

A Whole Sodding Chicken for 999 Forint.

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Just look at the size of that bastard… well, that wasn’t the one I ate, but the point stands.

As you read this, tell me if you can get a whole roasted seasoned chicken for £3.50 (or say about €4.20) actually, you probably don’t care, and in real-terms, the chicken here in Hungary is only cheap because people here earn piss-all on average.

The gas is subsidised too; the government foot about 40% of the bill of the gas from the open-market price… a less scrupulous individual might be tempted to rig a gas liquefier up to their mains supply and arbitrage themself some boodle.

I think this kind of sums up the state of play though really; if you find your cost of living is going up, just move somewhere else or bite the bullet.

In the big wide world of the global economy… how many of us are truly global particpants to the point of being free to roam around?

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